Please Hire Me

My name is Michael, and I’m a programmer. I’ve done a lot with Python, particularly with frameworks like Django, Jekyll, and Flask. I also take on a lot of side projects in my free time, like my video game-review website Mike’s Gaming Trove. I encourage you to browse the contents of this website via the navigation bar.

Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of taking charge of some seriously entertaining projects. Some were programming experiences I hold dear; others are successes in my personal projects. Whatever the role, I promise I'll do my best work. If any of the above sounded appealing to you, I'd love to chat! Check below for the various ways you can contact me.

References are available upon request. I’m always up for a chat! Please feel free to call me directly, send me an email, or to reach out on LinkedIn.

Please see my resume or my business card for my personal cell phone number. Thanks for your consideration; I appreciate it. Don't be a stranger! I'm always up for a chat.