Michael Bassili

Python Software Developer

Howdy! My name is Michael Bassili, and I am a programmer. I also do other things, many of which are not conventionally productive or helpful to my career. I’m a big fan of those productivity self-help books you can find in the Business section of Chapters (I especially like it when authors of said productivity self-help books talk about themselves like they’re the Productivity Messiahs, or something). I’ve been working towards a Bachelor of Science Computing Science at Simon Fraser University since 2015.

If you want to get in touch, email is best. I also have a LinkedIn profile that I try to keep updated. I don't maintain any sort of social media presence.

If you're looking for a specific project I've done, check out the sidebar. The 'Projects' page contains a current list of all projects I've ever taken on. The 'Portfolio' page showcases my more commercially-viable projects, like apps and websites. Thanks for visiting; don't be a stranger!